I harvested some Turmeric from my little garden and thought to make this as a fresh drink combined with other ingredients.


Turmeric roots

Ginger roots


Black pepper

Turmeric root,ginger root,garlic & black pepper


1. Peel the skin of a medium size ginger root

2. Peel the skin of about three small size turmeric roots or one medium size turmeric roots

3.  Peel four size garlic clove

4. Measure a tablespoon full of black pepper

Peeled ingredients

5. Pour all ingredients to a juice blender with 400ml-500ml of water, bring to a smooth blend.

Turmeric root,ginger root,garlic & black pepper in a blender

6. Pour blended ingredients to a pot and boil for about 10 minutes,it shouldn’t be more than 10minutes since the ingredients are blended already

Pouring blended ingredients to a pot to boil

I blended the ingredients first, so that the nutrients would be easier to exact out of the spices and time used in boiling the ingredients to get the nutrients would be saved. Boiling the blended ingredients makes the nutrients in the ingredients more potent especially when taken in it’s warm state.

A cup of natural immune boosting drink

I added pure natural honey to taste which isn’t really needed but my tooth was itching for something sweet

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