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So just a while back, I visited the World Oldest  restaurant; Restaurante Sobrino De Botin (Guinness World book of records holder)and they have a cellar with Wines stored from as far back as the 18th century!!

Somehow this place has been in existence even before the 18th Century!

Every 50 years, the wine corks are removed and replaced with new ones,that’s all.

Aside for the modern touch on the exterior, the interior of the restaurant still has traditional settings. No dramatic aesthetics.

Freshly prepared food hits your nose and the kitchen is somewhat in plain sight, which means if you are eating downstairs, you can have a direct conversation with your chef. Now how cool is that?!

Their food is totally on point and also not as pricey as expected (This is relative as it is dependent on your exchange rate!!😂😂🤣🤣). On the average it is good value for money spent.

The stove used is still the same used when the restaurant was first opened, same traditional furnace, I couldn’t capture this but it is basically like a tiny tent with hot coals I am sure can make water go from 0-100degree Celsius in 5seconds! And the Chef uses a very long wooden spatula (best way I can describe this utensil) to maneuver foods in and out of the oven.

There is serenity and ambience and the restaurant is so traditional I doubt I sighted air conditioning anywhere even in the underground rooms!

They have letters from ancient leaders and prominent people dated as far back who have come in to eat on exhibition. One of such I read is from the famous Charles Dickens.

They also offer free postcards as souvenirs on your way out.

Not all wines are “fine” with age. I imagine some of these wines are toxic by now and it’s just kept as a way of preserving history. I also think the labels may be changed as they seem a lil shiny. (I may be wrong)

If you happen to visit Madrid, do pop in. Just thought to share!


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