Some days ago on the 30/31st of March 2020, Ooni of Ife was trending on Twitter Nigeria and it was in regards to his contribution on COVID19/CORONA VIRUS.
Some people were in support of what he said ,some were not in favor of what he said and what did he really say?

Although the Ooni didn’t state that those herbs or spice he mentioned could cure Corona Virus but nevertheless they could more or less act like preventive measure against catching the virus.

Here is the list of herbs he mentioned that could help with Corona Virus;

1. Yoruba name: Ewe akoko
English name: Boundary Tree
Botanical name: Newbouldia laevis.

2. Yoruba name: Dogoyaro.
English name: Neem tree or Indian lilac

3. Yoruba name: Alubosa
English name: Onions
Botanical name: Allium Cepa

White and red onions
White and red onions

4. Yoruba name: Ogirisako
English: Forest Anchomanes or Blume
Botanical name: Anchomanes Difformis

5. Yoruba name: Aridan
English name: Aridan fruit
Botanical name: Tetrapleura Tetraptera

6. Yoruba: Eeru or Erinje

English name: African pepper or Guinea pepper

7. Yoruba Name: Ewuro
English name: Bitter Leaf
Botanical name: Vernonia Amygdalina


Bitter leaf
Bitter leaf

Wonders and benefits of Bitter Leaf

8.Yoruba name: Iyin Ojo
English name: Sulpher

You can incorporate these herbs and spices into food or eating habit to stay healthier and as well as boost your immune system and over all health.


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