The first thing that came to my mind when I made this smoothie was skincare smoothie , I was almost tempted to name it skincare smoothie (lol).
Orange aside from its many benefits ,helps about with the skin,from personal research ,Orange helps tone the skin.
Carrot; most skin care products like cream have carrot oil and carrot properties as one of its major selling ingredients because of the many advantages the vegetable has to the skin , which among is the beta-carotene property the fruit has ,which helps with skin repair and helps better protect the skin against the effect of harsh sun rays.

Ingredients for one serving.
1.1 large orange
2.3 medium size carrots
3.250ml of cold water


1.Squeeze the juice out of the orange and keep.
2. Dice your carrots and put in blender

3. Add your water the blender and blend your carrots to a smooth mix.
4. Add in your orange juice to the carrot mix and blend for a minute.

5. Serve into smoothie glass(s),add some ice to it if you want.


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