Funny how Centuries ago,the whites came and erased most of our traditional ways of doing things that could have still been beneficiary to us;Africans/Nigerians today. For example the use of some traditional/local plants,herbs,spices and nature in its natural state and replaced it with their own way of doing things some of which includes chemicals.

No doubts some of their way of doing stuff has its convenience, and benefits too,so this article is not to condemn any westernized way of doing stuff or some things that was introduced. I just think some things like the application of herbal stuff and application of naturalistic way of doing some stuff should not have looked down upon, instead a balance should have been found between African ways and westernized ways.
So I just find it so funny and absurd that chewing stick that my great-great grandfathers used, that some of my present day fathers discarded (I mean I was brought up with a toothpaste) is now being manufactured and packaged as organic chewing stick that also whitens teeth and sold for a ridiculous high amount of money for a chewing stickĀ  but…….


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