I have no idea why it took this long to make this post, I mean it took over 8 months! I kept telling myself I will make a post of this on my food blog when I tried this delicious sea rice recipe ‘Paella rice recipe’ in December 2018 for the first time.

Paella rice is a dish peculiar to the Mediterranean part of the world.

paella rice with salad
paella rice with salad

Ingredients/Recipe For Paella Rice

  1.  750gram of rice
  2. Boiled shredded chicken
  3. Shrimps and prawns (you can leave out the prawns if there are not available)
  4. white onions
  5. Olive oil(you can replace olive oil with groundnut oil)
  6. Diced bell pepper
  7. Chicken seasoning
  8. Salt
  9. Chicken stock
  10. Basil leaf seasoning
  11. Turmeric (turmeric takes the place of saffron spice which is suppose to be the main ingredient in this dish and what makes it paella rice)


  1. Per boil your rice and set aside
  2. Heat up your oil,fry your onions, and diced bell pepper for some minutes
  3. Add your shredded chicken,fry it up with the diced pepper and onions
  4.  Sprinkle a little basil leaf as the the chicken ,onions and bell pepper fry a little.
  5. Add your chicken stock water, add just a little more water to cook your rice properly, add your turmeric powder enough to color the rice, your chicken seasoning and salt to taste, let the mixture come to boil.
  6. Add your per-boiled rice when the rice is almost ready, add in the shrimps and prawns or just shrimps. When the water is dried and the food is done,serve as you like, you can garnish with salad if you want.

It will be awesome if you have the saffron spice to replace the turmeric seasoning in my recipe, when you do that, it becomes the original paella rice recipe because the saffron spice and the color the saffron spice gives the dish, is part of what makes it paella rice as well as the shrimps/prawns because it is like seafood dish.


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