If there is one tea that should be a must have in one’s tea collection especially as a tea lover, it should be peppermint tea. Peppermint Tea has to be part of my top ten all time favourite tea all year, every year. I would be explaining some of the reasons that make it so.

Some of these reasons have been tested and proven to be true by my own personal experience drinking many cups of it over the years, as well as my experience as a tea seller at The Tea Orb , over the years I have also gathered feedbacks from my customers that have bought different brands of peppermint tea from me and as well as enjoyed many cups of pepper mint tea out of their purchase.

Peppermint plant/leaves
Peppermint plant/leaves

Peppermint is a cross breed between Watermint and Spearmint.

Peppermint is caffeine free, except you are purchasing a black ,green,white or oolong flavored with peppermint or made with peppermint,like a mix of green tea and peppermint in one tea bag.

Peppermint  has one of the highest menthol concentration among the many species in the mint family.

Benefits of Peppermint

1. Headache and stress relief. Are you having a long day, especially a long stressful day? Then peppermint tea is one of the teas you should consider. Peppermint Tea greatly helps in calming the nerve because of it’s minty aroma, inhaling the aroma of Peppermint helps soothe the nerve, try inhaling the minty aroma before and while having a cup of it. The cooling effect of drinking the tea itself contributes to calming the nerve,thereby relieving stress and headache. It also helps in calming the muscle spasms.

2. Respiratory health: Peppermint tea helps in clearing the airways which facilities better breathing. It helps in removing mucus from the lungs. It also lessens chest congestion. Peppermint tea is highly recommended for those with asthma or near asthma issues. It improves breathing generally.

Peppermint tea been served with peppermint leaves in it

3. Digestive health: Upsetting stomach? Issues with indigestion? Have a cup of Peppermint tea. In Germany, a health commissioner endorsed peppermint tea as one of the possible treatment for indigestion.

4. Better breath: It helps freshen breath particularly bad breath,it also has antibacterial properties that protect the gums against germs.

Peppermint leaf

5. Morning sickness and pregnancy: It helps with morning sickness and as well as calm the nerve during pregnancy but it is also advisable to seek the opinion of your doctor because pregnancies differs.

6. Kills bacteria: According to some scientists and scientific research, peppermint kills some type of bacteria, one of which is staphylococcus bacteria that causes skin infection, pneumonia & meningitis.

A jar of drink with peppermint leaf on top of it

Historical Findings About Peppermint And Peppermint Tea

A Roman scientist and historian “Pliny” (23-79AD), in one of his works, stated that the Greeks and Romans used peppermint to flavour sauces and wines. Do you know peppermint was also probably used as a form of payment in Biblical times?

According to Encyclopedia plant and animal, and quoting the page exactly,

” The herb has been used as a remedy for indigestion since Ancient Egyptian times, in fact dried peppermint was found in Egyptian pyramids dating back to 1000 B.C. The ancient Greeks and Romans valued it as a stomach soother. Peppermint was first listed in London pharmacopoeia in 1721″

Great news is that peppermint can either be taken as a freshly brewed cup of tea made with fresh mint leaves or in form of teabags, so have a cup of peppermint right after this post,enjoy the goodness of peppermint tea.

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