Personally I feel as a pregnant or nursing mother you have no business taking Weight loss or sliming tea except by recommendations of your doctor or your doctor says, “oh,you need to lose weight as a pregnant woman or nursing mother ” particular for health reasons which rarely happens.

You have to get to a certain stage during baby nursing or after baby nursing that is safe to start a Weight loss program or before you start to worry about weight loss. Don’t be pressured by what you see on the media, we all have different body genetics.

Some Nigerians have a lot of unlearning and relearning to do, while at it, some classes on empathy and sensitivity will be needed too.

It is very wrong to use weight gain to greet a pregnant or nursing mother firstly seeing her, it is also very wrong to constantly remind a pregnant or nursing mother immediately after giving birth about her weight gain constantly especially when you are not a close family member, relative or close friends, and even at that, it should be done with love and care not reproach.


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