I am a big fan of chicken rolls or pies,so sometimes I love to take a little out of any large supply of chicken I buy and have already boiled to make this and its usually not more than 4-6 chicken rolls.

Ingredients for the chicken rolls dough

1 full cup of flour (250ml)

50 gram of butter

a pinch of salt

half teaspoon of cinnamon


Ingredients for the rolls filling

shredded boiled chicken

lemon oil

ginger and garlic powder/seasoning

knorr chicken seasoning cube

Dried Basil leaves seasoning


mixed flour and water

white onions

Ingredients for coating the chicken rolls

Beaten eggs; this is to give it a better appearance, which is usually brushed on the pre-baked chicken rolls.

Procedure for the chicken filling

  • Heat your oil,when it is a little heated, add your already diced/sliced onions, let it get a little fried or until it is cripsy.
  • Add in your shredded chicken
  • Add in your pinch of salt,knorr seasoning cube,white pepper,basil leaves to the shredded chicken on fire
  • Add a little of the mixture flour and water to the shredded chicken cooking; this is usually done to give it a more incorporated filling.Producure for the chicken rolls dough
  • Mix your flour,salt,cinnamon with butter until it is crumpy.
  • ¬†Mix in your water little by little until it forms a dough.
  • kneed your dough till it is well formed, then cut it out in square or rectangle shape.
  • put your chicken fiilling at the edge of the cut out dough and roll.
  • Coat the edges of where the chicken rolled stopped to the other part with the beaten eggs to make it stick together and coat the whole body of the chicken roll itself.
  • Bake on low heat. It take about 30 mintues-40 mintues to bake.

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