I know this is a food and travel blog but hey!  What’s food and travel when the mind and soul is not fine although food and travel does make one feel better but not all the time really.

Resilience; have you ever been in a difficult situation , a down circumstance, going through  the loss of a loved one,emotional breakdown /trauma or whatever negativity it is and wonder  how you will overcame it all or wondered how you overcame it?


I woke up in the early hours of the November 1st with the word “resilience” in my head and heart,the word stayed strongly with me throughout that day and the next day and I had no idea why but I decided to share my  thoughts and research of the word with you guys.


What is resilience? Without checking  online or a dictionary, I will think and say that resilience  means the ability to live on and retain a little positivity despite the circumstance that might be unpleasant, I would also say the ability  to retain some positive aspect of you to be able to go on with the negativity  around you.


According to an online definition; resilience  in psychology is the positive capacity of people to cope with stress and adversity. The coping might result in the individual  bouncing back to a previous state or normal functioning or using experience or exposure  of adversity  to produce a steeling effect and maybe function better than normal.
Another  online definition says ” resilience  is about getting through pain and disappointment without letting it crush your spirit” I think this is one of the definitions of resilience I Iike the most, so I will just end it here in regards to definition.
Ways to be resilient or ways to build resilience
1. Talking to a loved one; it does not matter if it’s just one person that you are sure does care about you or sometimes it doesn’t even matter if they care or not as long as you have that one person to talk to and unburden your heart and mind to, having that one person  through the overwhelming time/suituation does help a lot. I do not mean to sound this way but it does not matter if the relationship with that person is for a shortwhile while you are going through it all. It is easier to break down when you have no channel to pour out your frustration, seek support system. Talking can be therapeutic.  DO NOT HANDLE BAD SITUATION/CIRCUMSTANCE /HAPPENINGS/LOSS/PAIN  ALONE, DO NOT DO THAT TO YOURSELF.


2. Acceptance; accept that your struggle is your struggle, own it, it’s your pain, your struggle, your circumstance, your life and not everyone, infact most people would not understand, honestly some people  will ridicule you or make you feel it’s not a big deal, or enough  to overwhelm you but it’s your struggle, your pain and your life.


3. Music; music helps, it does help! Try to play as much good uplifting or dancable music as you can, play sounds/music that you know works for your soul upliftment and brightens your heart.  I would have loved to mention genres/types of music that could work but I have come to realize different  people love different sounds. But play me a dancehall music with high beats/fast beats, a danceable gospel song,and watch me brighten a little, did I forget to mention Fuji music too.


4. Focus more on the good stuff you love,dwell more on the positive aspect of your life. Hey! I am not saying pretend there is not a problem or you should not find a solution  to it, that’s if there is a solution but why use all your time to talk about and dwell on that bad situation or negativity when you can play that game, watch that movie, read that book,  visit that friend, go swimming, make that nice meal, eat that food or chocolate  to make you feel better. Just take a little break every now and them before you get so overwhelm.


5. This might sound a little selfish but what’s life without a little selfishness,take a break from news channels, to be honest,there is hardly any positive news,news channels have to tell you ,so why add to your trouble, because  whether you like to admit it or not, these bad reports, stories,headline have a way of sneeking to your sub-conscious ,and add to overwhelming you when you are in a difficult  situation, why not focus more on a music, movie or inspirational channel. These applies to avoiding news, talkshow or program that dwell on negative stuff on a radio station  too. When you bounce back and that tough or bad situation is over, you can always go back to the news.


Indulge yourself; take that favorite food,  snack, drink you love a little more,pleasure yourself, even if it’s just a little.


Hope;  be hopeful and positive, keep a hopeful positive mind as much as you can, say positive things to yourself, pray for yourself, speak words you want to happen in your life,for indeed whatever we say with our  mouth does carry life and power.  E. G “I am going to overcome all this ” , “it is well with me” ” I am going to be fine and good” “my life is amazing” or “I  am going to have an amazing life” etc. Whatever positive words you want to say to yourself and speak out about yourself, please do.


For one who has experienced  major difficulties/loss in life, I did not even know I was been resilient  or doing stuff to make me resilient until I researched the word.


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