So twitter was buzzing with pictures and talk of Santorini or what was in trend for a while on twitter was Santorini ,so the historical part of me spiked up ,what’s up with Santorini really ? Of course I have always loved Greece since I read a romance novel that was centred on Greece when I was 14 years old.

Santorini is an island located in the Southern Aegean sea in Greece. Santorini has some historical archaeological site from the ruins of the Minoan era caused by Volcanic eruption in that era. The historical site have been reserved and can be seen by tourist.

The Minoan era was an era of civilization in history (2000BC- 1500BC) because of it’s unique art and architecture and its contribution to the development of Western European civilization. The Minoans were involved in massive trade and exportation which boosted its economy. A big part of me is tempted to give the full historical details of Santorini and as well as talk greatly about the Minoan era but I will stop here.

The volcanic eruption which gives present day Santorini part of it’s beautiful stunning landscape and partial rectangular shape landscape brought an end to the Minoan era.


Another thing that makes Santorini beautiful is the strange white aubergine (egg plant) that grows in abundance there which is rare in other parts of the world.

Apart from the beautiful stunning landscape ,it also has an amazing sunset from Oia town which is also said to be the most romantic town in Santorini ,where dozens of people go to watch the sunset while sitting on a cliff with a bottle of wine. Or one could as well look for a restaurant with that give one view of the sunset.

Sunset at Santorini

There are also some beautiful architectural buildings especially ancient ones and one ancient Church that are worth seeing.

The food

My topmost area of interest. The food in Santorini is fantastic according to my painstaking research, the food is mostly Mediterranean Cuisine which is one of the most healthy cuisine in the world. And there are short courses in Mediterranean cooking class that are usually offered in traditional Santorini restaurant; some classes last for just few hours.

It is also very important to try one of the most popular confectionery ” Baklava” in Santorini. Part of what makes up a baklava are nuts and sugar syrup/honey, this is usually taken most times with ice cream.

Santorini makes its own wine and has some winery that are several centuries spanning to over 5 centuries old,some of the winery are in caves, one of which is about 300 meter long, these has also helped in shaping the history and development of Santorini because some winery have been turned into museums ,and admission to the museums guarantees several wine tasting.

Shall we talk about the beach,the lakes,the mountains!



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