One of the meals I had at my other visits to the Lebanese restaurant was shrimp fiesta,what was suppose to be a side salad turned out to be there main meal, like I said the servings at Lebanese restaurant can be quite large but I guess I forgot. Shrimp fiesta is actually a shrimp salad according to food menu at the restaurant

Shrimp fiesta; shrimps,avocado,red and green bell pepper,coriander,mango,spring onions,lettuce,cabbage in a hard tortilla shell.

Shrimp fiesta
Shrimp fiesta

How does it taste like? It has a sweet salty feel to the mouth, the mango makes the salad really sweet while you are chewing something a little salty from the salad,something that could be the salad dressing in the salad. As usual,I couldn’t finish it.

The great news is that,this is something that can be made at home.

Shrimp fiesta;shrimp salad
Shrimp fiesta; shrimp salad


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