Spices! What is cooking without spice? Spice is the life of cooking.

Aside from the fact that most spices improve the taste of food/drink, makes food more delicious,sometimes makes food more colorful depending on the particular spice been used, some also have medicinal values, spices are also used to preserve food,improve the taste of a spoiling food. Like William Cowper said ”Variety is the very spice of life,That gives it all its flavor.


Spice is so important that, that major trading routes in the world were created to make possible the trade of spices and availability of spices for the Europeans because most spices came from Africa,Indian and some Asians countries.


One of the first major trading company/shipping was created which was the Dutch East Indian company in the 17th century (20,March 1602) because of spice and how valuable it was then, particularly black pepper, (yes black pepper,black pepper was so expensive then,that it had almost the same value of gold,if not the more value),it was one of the most traded spices in the world in spice history

Spice trade drove the economy of the world from the 16th century to the modern era. Spice was valued so much that according to history, Spain and Portugal spent a large of the 16th century fighting over a spice called ”clove”. While England and the Dutch fought for a tiny Island in Indonesia called Run because of the large amount of nutmeg trees in the Island.

You wonder its just spice,right?But its the use and knowledge of spices that sets apart a regular meal from a tasty meal most times, what sets apart a regular chef/cook from the exceptional chef/cook apart from knowing or formulating a good food and drink recipe.

So tell me, what is your favorite spice or rather what are your favorite spices, the spices you really love, it could be one or maybe more than one, I would really love to hear from you,so make a comment about it in the comment section.


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