This tea life! I am in it for life. Money can’t buy happiness ,so I was always told ,but it can buy TEA and many TEA ,and that’s some happiness. There is happiness in every cup of tea!

We all want that special place where all is still and quiet. Trust me there is peace and still in every cup of tea if you take a moment to hold and savour that cup of tea of course. You can have sereniTea in a cup of tea.

Many people wonder why I love tea so much,I love it so much because it’s one of reason I still find the strength to wake up each morning especially when life has hit me hard,it also gives me time to meditate a little.

I remember when I was hard hit by a crisis middle this year,and all seem lost,something terrible had happened to me that day,all I wanted to have some calm and mental sanity was a cup of Tea

A cup of tea first
A cup of tea first

Tea is life fun,tea is life. Follow me on my Tea world and journey by following my Instagram tea page at The Tea Orb


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