The Tea Orb is a tea and herbal infusion brand that deals with the sales of different types of tea/herbal infusion, both national, and international brands of tea. At the tea orb we love tea and everything related to tea.

At the Tea Orb, we believe that tea lovers should have the option of choosing out of a wide range of varieties of tea/herbal infusions, the choice should be many hence we sell over 50 different types of tea, herbal infusion from Nigeria, Africa,and other parts of the Continents,like Europe,Asia and North America.

One of the key missions at the Tea Orb is to have people enjoy tea, tea should be taken for taste,feel good, and aroma, tea and herbal infusion shouldn’t just be taken for the benefits that comes with it, savor the taste, breathe in the aroma, imbibe a tea culture, when you learn to do this, the benefits takes primary place without you trying hard, it becomes natural.

At the tea orb we also handle tea breaks that are exceptional because we believe in people having a wonderful tea experience or a superb tealicious experience regardless of the place and event.

At the Tea Orb, we maintain that, we are not your doctor, we can’t take the place of the doctor and the hospital but we can proffer herbal solutions to minor health issues that can be tackled with the use of herbs/herbal infusion or that can help enhance one’s health. Herbal solutions or herbal infusions for insomnia, restlessness, stomach upset, high blood pressure, malaria, fever, cold flu, weight loss, stomach reduction, constipation, immune booster, sexual stamina, sperm count, stress, constant headache etc.


The honest truth is that some ailments cannot be cured with herbs but some herbal infusions can help you feel better while treating whatever you are treating but you need to check with your doctor to be sure that whatever herbal infusion you are talking goes well with your drugs.


At the Tea Orb we produce Chamomile tea, turmeric and black pepper tea, black seed powder, clove powder, green tea in loose leaf, and turmeric powder.

The tea Orb is managed by Sophia Jerome, a tea lover and tea freak.

The Tea Orb is an online store operating from Lagos,people place their orders of tea, herbal infusion from different parts of Nigeria(nation wide), we sell and deliver to them.

Follow the tea on Instagram at theteaorb

The Tea Orb has a Facebook page where many tea lovers share their tea experiences,tea pictures, you can join the group by searching for the tea orb group on Facebook at The Tea Orb.

For more enquiry about the tea orb or to order a products,find out about a tea,herbal infusion or herbs, you can also call 08031912305.




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