Tea takes part of the spotlight against COVID19! Of course no Tea has been said to cure Corona Virus (COVID 19) but taking lots of  Tea particularly Pu-erh tea, Green tea and herbal teas helps a lot  because of the nutritional benefits and the warm nature/temperature most teas are taken, which is one of the preventive measures of staying healthier against the ravaging virus “COVID19” (consuming more warm liquid against cold liquid)

Warm Steaming Cup Of Tea
Warm Steaming Cup Of Tea

Some of the benefits of Tea include anti-oxidant properties, immune boosting, respiratory functions, throat health and hydration which helps in preventing or the fight against COVID 19. These are the teas to particularly take in times like this; Green Tea, white tea, Pu-erh tea,Ginger tea,lemon tea , pepper mint tea, Moringa tea,Chamomile tea and Bitter leaf tea.

Cup of tea

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The story of Tea: Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J. Heiss


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