Chamomile which is the American English spelling while Camomile which is more commonly used between the two spelling is British English. So do not be confused or surprised if you find of more of “camomile” spelling in Nigeria because of the history we have with the British.

Camomile is a daisy like plant of the family of “Asteraceae”. The camomile plant is usually used to make herbal infusions for several beneficially purposes for the body aside from the fact that it has a pleasant taste and nice aroma.

chamomile flowers

Many uses of Camomile include; inflammation,mouth ulcers,skin aggravation,stomach ulcer, gastro – intestal disorders,tension ,sleep deprivation and insomnia, the two last issues been the focus of this article

Insomnia is a circumstance where one finds it hard to sleep or when one finds it hard to sleep for a long time or when one constantly have troubles with sleeping and this adversely affects the life and performance of a person,for example one becomes easily irritated or quick to anger,it also affects weight of an individual,one becomes either under weight or overweight.

Few of the causes of Insomnia are depression,a sudden occurrence of something bad or negative¬† in one’s life e.g job loss, a broken heart, lack of money and of course heavy drinking of alcohol.

Chamomile herbal infusion is loaded with flavonoids, sesquilerpenes and other powerful antioxidants which has a considerable amount of effect in the body.

I found out about chamomile accidentally because of my love of trying out new herbal infusion(s) and tea(s). I told a doctor friend about my new collection when he told me chamomile herbal infusion helps with sleep,that it calms the nerve especially when taken at night.

So this is me writing from real life practical test of it, research, and words of a medical doctor that indeed chamomile does help with sleep,it calms the body,and the nerve.

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