The cure for acne;bitter leaf

It is no longer news that if you become friends with bitter leaf, your skin will be sweet

Bitter leaf contains so many vitamins and nutrients that help eliminate acne and spots and make our skin glow

Without wasting our time, let me share a few recipes below

1. Bitter leaf sponge:
Get fresh leaves and rub your bathing soap on it, use as sponge

2. Bitter leaf astringent:

Every morning, squeeze fresh bitter leaf juice and rub on your body from head to toe, wait 30 minutes and go shower

3: get some leaves, add very little water and blend. Add this puree into your black soap mix

4. Dry the leaves away from the sun, when dry grind to powder and keep, everyday take some and mix with little water to make a paste then apply as face mask for 30 minutes.

5. Juice a few leaves and drink once or twice a week

Do any of these and you are at a high risk of having glowing skin

The excess oil on your skin will dry up, it will be rid of acne, spots and other discoloration

Try it and testify to it

Article written by Debbie Ibiyemi

Debbie Ibiyemi is the founder of skin business school ng. A platform that offers intensive training in skincare and other apsects of the beauty industry

she also runs a facebook community called skin business bootcamp where people come together to gain insight into the business of skincare as well as how to maintain a balanced regimen for their skin type

She is a licenced esthetician and beauty therapist with years of experience treating the African skin
Her Facebook handle: Debbie  Ibiyemi



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