The first touch on my lips warm
Caressing my tongue and nerves
Feeling hot and soothing beneath my fingers
The pleasure warming all over me
Burning every cell in my body
Making me dwell in drunken pleasure
Taking me out of my bad mood
The flavor sharp to my taste
The scorching heat burning my throat
Keeping me warm and oblivious to the world
And at last sated and longing for more.
PS: Tea is a blessing in my life!
Written by Sophie Black . 12/12/16
Facebook Username: Sophiyya Embee
A graduate of Urban and Regional Planning from Ahmadu Bello University. An unrepentant lover of books, Tea and cats 😁
For me ,December is like a tea month because World Tea day is usually the  15th of December. This is a poem to celebrate Tea and Tea lovers all over the world.


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