Arriving Nigeria and travelling out of Nigeria, get the new yellow card. Steps on how to go about it are on the e-flyers and this write-up you need to read through.

The new yellow card is advertised on the poster as 2k (2000) but according to an IG user with account name @henryfromlagos whose has gone through the process of getting his yellow card, in reality you will pay a total of 2700naira,700naira for other little extra charges. And he says you should not listen to anyone that says they will “fast track” the process for a charge of 1k because you and both parties who didnt pay “fast track” money will still recieve it at the same time.
Other vital informations from IG user @henryfromlagos is that you can not get it in the airport building anymore (Muritala Muhammad Airport),they have moved to the building just beside the airport tollgate.
The earlier you get to any Port health services office ,the better ,to write down your name and be called once its 8am,that is if you have registered online ,and have your RRR code, once you are called ,the nurses will give you a painless vaccine shot,and you get your new e-yellow card.
You can not collect yellow card on behalf of someone because you cannot collect vaccine shot on behalf of the person.
Children younger than 9months cannot get the vaccine.
If you have the old blue vaccine card,you can bring it along, so they swap it to the new yellow card for you.


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