If there was any herb I could swear to, one of it will be BLACK SEED! It takes the lead as one of the most most herbal/medical herbs/spice on earth.
So powerful that it was found in one of the tombs of one of the ancient Egyptian King “Tutankhamen”. It was also greatly used by the Egyptian Queen “Cleopatra”

Black seed
Black seed

The ancients describe black seed as the cure to everything apart from death (that might be a bit exaggerated though).

Black seed was also mentioned in the Bible,in old testament as “Ketshah” meaning Black seed. Black seed has also been mentioned in some Islamic teachings and was also mentioned by Prophet Mohammad, which one of the reason this great spice/herbs is largely used for various functions by the Muslims.

A warm cup of black seed powder
A warm cup of black seed powder from tea orb

Top 6 benefits of Black Seed;

1. Asthma; it doesn’t cure asthma but it helps to manage it better and improve the health of asthmatic patients.

2. High Blood pressure; I know this for a fact because of the feedback from my various customers I have sold it to,they said it has a way of relaxing them and making them feel calm as well.

3. Weight management; yes it does help with weight loss especially when used over a certain period of time.

4. Helps reduce high cholesterol

5. Helps with respiratory health

6. Helps with antidiabetic

Black seed or black seed powder can be taken as a cup of tea by adding a full tea spoon to cup of warm or hot water. It can be used a herb for baking particularly bread. It can also be used as an added herb in cooking,particularly for soups.  Black seed can be eaten raw as well.

Caution: a pregnant woman shouldn’t use black seed/black seed powder. You can’t use black seed for weightloss as well if you want to get pregnant at that same period too.

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