I grew up in a typical kind of Nigerian home, which made me conclude with the assumption that there are just three types of meal that can be eaten in a day instead of the seven types meal that I later came to learn about. The amazing realization is that, I have eaten these other types of meals apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner without knowing it then.

Breakfast; which is usually regarded as the most important meal of the day because it’s suppose to key start your day and fuel your body energy level for the activities of the day. This meal is suppose to be eaten between 6am -9am. It is also fun to know that, in some European countries, there are restaurants that serve breakfast meals all day,so it’s not weird if you decide to eat a breakfast kind of meal as dinner.


Brunch; a light meal which is usually lighter than breakfast taken between late morning and early afternoon,(11am-12:30pm).
Elevenses; a snack meal like cookies,chicken pie taken around 11am with a cup of beverage or drink.
Cookies with chocolate Chips

Lunch; a meal eaten between noon- 2pm, which is like a middle day meal.

Lunch; jollof rice with beaf

Tea; this one gets me excited because of my love for tea. In some countries, this is also called afternoon tea and I read a while back that the queen of England is a fan of this particular meal. This meal is usually a cup of tea taken with sandwich,cakes etc around 4pm.

Afternoon tea

Supper; a meal eaten between 6-7pm.

Dinner; any meal eaten in the evening that’s past the hour of 7pm.

I was talking to a friend about this particular article I was putting together and he asked “are we suppose to eat all the seven types of meal in a day”, and laughed out and replied “no” “of course not”. Would that be spending almost all hours in day preparing to eat ,eat and all the activities that has to go with eating.


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