Tigernut drink; I have been hearing about this magic juice ,then I stumbled on a fruit merchant who had all the three fruits available and you guessed right,I bought the three fruits and blended it all together in a fruit processor and made a juice out of it. I did not have any need to soak the tigernuts for a while because it was the fresh ones I bought,I cut the coconuts in bits and added my dates to the mix.( Do make sure to separate the seeds from the dates if you want and especially if your food processor is not so strong).


Do you know this juice combination of tigernuts,coconut and dates is aphrodisiac and increases libido for both male and female particularly for males. Further findings from people also says it helps with low sperm count,watery sperm and quick ejaculation. I had to do further findings to see if there were some truth in it,so I took to my personal Facebook page ,as well as various Facebook fold group I am a member of. You guess right again, a lot of people testified to it been a sexual enhancement juice, some people even came out to give personal results and testimonies of how it helped them sexually.

It is also a very good relaxant,it does calm the system yet giving strength particularly because of the milk exact from coconut and tigernuts and of course milk helps in strengthening the bones and giving vitality.

In Nigeria where I come from particularly the western part of Nigeria, it is believed that one of the causes of a less satisfying sex life is because of too much sugar in the system (locally known as jedi-jedi) which might cause one to feel tired easily during the act of sex,it is also believed that too much sugar can be one of the reasons of back pains which in turn affects sex life. A simple combination of dates and coconut helps maintain a good blood sugar level, would not it also be a great idea to add tigernuts to the mix which would probably help reduce that jedi-jedi in your system while enjoying a tasty drink.

For nursing or breastfeeding mothers, you might want to consider this juice ,as it helps with breastfeeding.


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