1. Freshly boiled lemon grass water (bring to a room temperature after boiling)
2. Freshly squeezed orange juice
3.  Chicken seasoning cubes
4. Salt
5. Dried crushed/grinded chilli pepper
Shred/cut your lemon grass leaves into pieces, put the pieces in a pot of water ,let it boil for about 20-30 minutes, allow the lemon grass water cool, then pour the water into the bowl you plan on adding your whole chicken or chicken cuts.
Add in your fresh orange juice ,salt ,dried crushed/grinded chilli pepper,chicken seasoning cubes and stir all mixture together
Add your whole chicken or chicken cuts to this mixture,you can add in your lemon grass leaves if you want.
Place your bowl of marinated chicken in the fridge for 24 hours or less if you do not plan on cooking it immediately but if you do want to cook immediately ,let it be marinated for three hours.
Once marinated, you can choose to boil your chicken before frying, bake or roast your chicken. Most  times I like to bake/roast my marinated chicken because it keeps all the flavour locked in the chicken. But trust me, anyone you decide to do is fine.
Note: This is just one of my personal recipes for my marinated chicken, I hope to share more later. You can do this for beef or fish too, (I am more of chicken lover ,so i tend to cook chicken more at home). For fish, it should not be marinated more than 2-3 hours.



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