Herbal Teas & It’s Benefits

Herbal teas are not real teas that are made from camellia sinensis but are still given the "Tea" tag nevertheless because over the years it also comes in tea bags & similar packagings to...

Difference Between Butter & Margarine

Is there any difference between Butter & margarine? The major differences between Butter & margarine is the taste, texture, nutrition, & what it is processed from to give you either butter or margarine. Butter is...

Baking A Perfect Cake

There are important factors to take note of when baking a perfect cake; 1. Sugar should never be more than the liquid. 2. Butter/fat never not be more than the liquid. 3. Butter/fat should not be more...

Six Cake Baking Mistake

We all would like our cakes to come out perfectly baked but often times one could make cake baking mistakes that makes the cake imperfect. We might have also tried creating our own cake...
Sweet Basil

Three Reasons To Love Sweet Basil

I fell in love with Sweet basil spice some years back, I think that was in my year in the university & I am still loving it after almost 10 years, it has become...

How To Cook Native Rice

So I got this article from a very pretty Yoruba friend, Simisola Ogunbanwo,the lady is so beautiful. How to cook Native rice Ingredients -palm oil -pepper -onions -iru (locust...

Spicy pepper soup

Spicy pepper soup Fresh catfish Grinded ehu seeds and crayfish Crushed ginger Grinded Cameroon pepper Grinded onions Lemon grass Scent leaves Salt Cubes of seasoning Few table spoons of sunflower oil Water Method 1.Clean your catfish properly...

Ginger Spice For Immune Boosting

We know GINGER is probably a common spice or herb but do you take enough of it? Do you also know ginger is a...

Amanda Bake sale

Amanda Bake Sale is a celebration and appreciation of cakes,baked items and food. We want people to have a taste of various types of cakes...
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