Ice Tea

The sun is blazing hot and the temperature is raising everyday as we say goodbye to the raining season and we anticipate the harmattan...

Tea And Chocolates

Tea and chocolate! Have you ever tried eating chocolate while sipping a cup of steaming tea like I like to do sometimes? Believe me,the combination...

Make Me A Cup of Tea Please!

Some of us have great love for tea, aside from the soothing feeling tea gives, it is also aromatic especially the flavoured teas, fruit...

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Punch Drink & Its Origin

Punch is a drink that has its origin in India. That punch drink is of Indian origin can be backed up with the fact...

Popcorn History

Popcorn is named after the popping sound it makes when it is ready, "Pop". Not just any maize/corn can be used for popcorn,there is...

10 Reasons To Eat Mangoes

This shouldn't be part of the reason at all to eat mangoes because it is the ultimate 10 and even 50 reasons in itself...
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