Make Me A Cup of Tea Please!

A cup of tea

Some of us have great love for tea, aside from the soothing feeling tea gives, it is also aromatic especially the flavoured teas, fruit teas and herbal teas. It just has a way of warming the body especially the heart for me (lol).

When most people hear tea, what comes to mind half of the time is black tea and maybe less often green tea but I have more love for teas because of the endless varieties it offers, also because of how spontaneous and creative one can be with tea, for instance, one can decide to squeeze in or dice fruits in tea, one could put chocolates in tea or you could decide to mix in two or more flavours or brands of teas.

Cups of tea with herbs and spices
Cups of teas with spices & herbs

One could opt for tea that does not require sugar or milk and you would still have a great cup of tea. At some point in my life I had to switch to teas that don’t require milk or sugar, now I take milk and sugar with my tea once in a while. If you easily have weight gain and you are a tea addict and consistent tea drinker like me, you could substitute sugar for sweetener, full cream milk for skimmed milk or you just opt for drinking your tea without milk and sugar , & as well as herbal teas, believe me, most of these teas taste great.

Tea. Different blends of tea. Tea with milk. Tea with mints. Tea with lemon.

Tea originated from China around 2700 BC, the Chinese started the act of tea drinking although it is said that tea drinking in China started for medical and herbal purposes and it was classified as food for the rich or people who had much power and influence in the society. British saw the Chinese lifestyle of drinking tea and decided to mirror after it and even made the act more exquisite and fancy ,turning tea drinking to a national culture and becoming one of the highest exporter of teas.

A cup of tea

The history of one of the most powerful nation in the world will not be complete without the mention of tea; America or rather United States of America, yes TEA because it’s that important.
The Boston Tea riot of 1773 was one of the major factors that led to the American Revolution of the 18 century. The American colonies refused to pay new imposed tea taxes to the British Empire, in Boston the shipment of tea was poured into the sea. This started the series of revolts and aggressive attacks, demands and plans for independence.

Make me a cup of tea please, bring me an orange and honey to spice up this black tea or you give me blackcurrant, blueberry and mango flavoured tea.


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