Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency is a state or condition where there is a lack or insufficient amount of the micronutrient iron in the human body. It...

What Goes Into Your Microwave Oven?

Hello guys! Today we would be talking about how the microwave oven works and I hope to allay most of your fears and the...

7 Food Tips For Menstrual Flow

We know how tough it can be for some ladies during menstrual flow, for others,it is almost like a regular day except for the...

When Eggs Shouldn’t Be Eaten

I did a personal research on eggs and I would sharing my findings with you guys. I also interviewed a professional dietician to shade...
Lemon Tree

Lemon! Some Of It’s Benefits & Uses

Lemon! I guess it's a zesty seasoning. Lemon is among of the most powerful fruits on earth for various reasons ,some of which I...

Appetite Stimulants

Eating healthy is key but sometimes we end up not even having the appetite for it. This could be due to a number of...

Ginger Spice For Immune Boosting

We know GINGER is probably a common spice or herb but do you take enough of it? Do you also know ginger is a...

Ramadan Food Tips; What To Eat And Not.

Ramadan is a holy month where Muslims take extra consciousness abstaining from some things like alcohol drinking,smoking and sex etc. More forgiveness is asked...

Lemon Grass goodness! Zesty!

I moved into my new apartment a while back,in front of the building where my new little apartment was in,there are lemon grass planted...

Amanda Bake sale

Amanda Bake Sale is a celebration and appreciation of cakes,baked items and food. We want people to have a taste of various types of cakes...

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French Toast Recipes

I do really enjoy eating French toast especially since it goes so well with a cup of strong black tea or coffee. French toast...

Six Plant Based Milks

Plant based milks can be a fun way to try out new or different taste profile for milk especially since there are many plant...

Punch Drink & Its Origin

Punch is a drink that has its origin in India. That punch drink is of Indian origin can be backed up with the fact...
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