When Eggs Shouldn’t Be Eaten

A bowl of uncooked eggs

I did a personal research on eggs and I would sharing my findings with you guys. I also interviewed a professional dietician to shade more light on when eggs should be eaten or not.

Do you know that the most nutritious part of an egg is the yolk? Yes, it contains more vitamins than the egg white. The egg yolk has about one percent of mineral salts & lutein which is a natural yellow colouring that gives the yolk it’s yellow/orangish colour, this lutein makes egg yolk very rich in iron. Egg yolk also contains more protein than the egg white.

Fried egg with the yolk still visible

From my personal research,I found more reasons to eat egg yolk, so why then do I hear from other set of people that one should stay away from eggs or just eat two eggs per week or separate egg yolk from the egg white & eat just the egg white? This led me to interview a professional dietician Miss Zee Ibrahim and had this to say after the interview.

A bowl of uncooked eggs

Whole egg has a very high biological value for protein. The egg white is about 10 or more calories, O cholesterol, 0 carbs ,0 fat and 4g of protein.
The egg yolk is about 71 calories, 5g of fat,211mg cholesterol, 0 carbs and 6g of protein.

The reason they say don’t eat the yolk is for those with high lipid profile (Hyper lipid emia), meaning their cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL and LDL in their blood is high already. Such people are also advised to eat only egg white so their cholesterol level won’t go higher which would put them at risk for heart disease.

It is also important to know that we make cholesterol ourselves and high cholesterol can hereditary, not to make it worse, it is better to stay away from food had high cholesterol like egg yolk and shrimps.

For those who don’t have high cholesterol already, eating the yolk won’t make any difference except if one is overdosing on high fatty foods round the clock and you are overweight or obese,then one will be at risk for many health complications.

Adebisi Ibrahim Zee is a registered dietitian & nutritionist with a masters in nutrition from Lehman college (UNY, Bronx, NY)


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