Lemon! Some Of It’s Benefits & Uses

Lemon Tree

Lemon! I guess it’s a zesty seasoning. Lemon is among of the most powerful fruits on earth for various reasons ,some of which I would discuss in this blog post.
Why is that sour sweet fruit treasured so much all over the world? What are lemon benefits & uses?

1. Lemons are used in making lemonade which is refreshing drink that prevents one from eating too much especially when drank while eating a meal because it makes one fuller,not forgetting the zesty tastiness of the drink. With just one lemon,one can make a full cup of lemonade drink or even more, adding sugar or honey is to one discretion or want, although I am not so much of a sugar fan, mint can also b added.


2. Lemon is so packed with vitamin C that it aids in constipation just like oranges does. There are days I have had constipation & a cup of lemon juice really did help me.

3. Because of the abundance of Vitamin C lemon has, it aids with digestion. Some people take warm lemon water every morning for certain period of time to have a flat stomach, this is also possible because of the acidic nature of lemon. It also aids with weight loss. One also has to be careful when using this remedy for flat stomach & weight loss, it shouldn’t be a forever thing or a lifestyle, one should know when to stop it after a certain period but because of how effective it can, people do get carried away forgetting they should be a balance because of the acidic nature of lemon.

Lemon Tree

4. If one has brown patches on potatoes during boiling and after boiling & you are not cool with it especially if it is a dish you have to serve someone else, add a teaspoon of lemon juice to the cooking water or while cooking.

5. To freshen up and give a place zesty lemony scent,add fresh peels of lemon around wherever you want, ensure to take the peels out when its dried out.

6. Talking of scent,if you don’t like the scent of your kitchen, especially after cooking certain meals, squeeze out fresh lemon juice around the kitchen corners, this also prevents ants from kitchen, particularly when put around where ants invades or gather.

7. To have a lemon fresh scenting cloths or a brighter white cloth, add lemon juice to wash water.

8. For a fairer or lighter facial skin care routine, mix lemon juice & honey for facials, leave on the face for some minutes, then wash off with warm water. This also helps some people with dark spot.

9. For culinary purpose; a teaspoon or table spoon of lemon juice can be added to butter cream,cake making, grilling, barbecue & frying oil to give a more flavorful note.

Lemon flavored cake with lemon zest butter cream
Lemon flavored cake with lemon zest butter cream

10. Lemon juice can be added to teas,particular white tea, black tea,& green tea. Even the peels of lemons can be used to make herbal teas because of it’s many benefits.

11. Tequila! You want to enjoy your tequila more,add lemon juice or lemon slices to it.

12. One can also add lemon juice or slices to hibiscus drinks (zobo) or Chapman.



  • Lemon juice for constipation & digestion.
  • Lemon warm water for stomach reduction and weight loss.
  • Lemon juice for nice scenting kitchen & to drive ant away.
  • Lemon peels for zesty scenting room.
  • Lemon juice for a whiter & lemony scenting cloth.
  • Lemon juice to prevent & remove brown patches from potatoes.
  • Lemon juice for flavored buttercream, baking cake, frying, grilling and barbecue.


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