Long & Short White Rice

A meal of white rice
A meal of white rice

One of the most common food eaten in Nigeria is rice particularly for those that are not huge fan of swallow; eba, semo, amala & pounded yam.

It is also so because white rice is so easy to prepare & be eaten with almost any sauce,stew it soups like egusi, afang,banga, efo, & bitter leaf soup, although in Nigeria, white rice is mostly eaten with stew made with pepper, tomatoes & onion.

A meal of white rice
A meal of white rice

For some people that don’t know the difference between short and long rice, it is explained below.

Rice grain
Rice Grain

Short rice is usually smaller than long rice in size. Short rice has a shorter cooking time than long rice, it gets ready faster. It requires less water to cook & one has to be careful with the water quantity in cooking. It is also usually sweeter than long rice.

Long rice is best used for delicate rice recipes like fried rice or jollof rice because it tends not get mushed unlike short rice.


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