Eight Ways To Use Coconut

Coconut milk and flakes
Coconut milk and flakes

Coconut is that wonderful fruit most of us love, & it can be quite confusing calling it a fruit at times because of it’s hard shell covering yet has a milky nourishing goodness inside. There are many ways to use a coconut & I will be mentioning eight ways coconut can be used.


1. Coconut rice; by exacting the milk from coconut and using the milk to cook white rice, coconut rice,pineapple rice or even fried rice.

2. Coconut cake; the milk or the flakes can be used to bake a nice tasting coconut cake or for making coconut butter cream or designing a butter cream cake.

Coconut cake designed with coconut buttercream & coconut flakes.

3. Smoothie ( blend it with any fruit of your choice particularly pineapple, spice & herb).

4. Coconut flakes; by slicing coconut into bits and frying it or baking it.

5. Coconut flour which can also be gotten after the milk has been exacted from the coconut & you are left with the shaft.

6. Coconut milk: the milk can be drank on it’s own or a great addition for beverages; tea, hot chocolate or coffee. It can be used for cereals, semi liquid food like custard, oats, & Pap (ogi).

Coconut milk and flakes
Coconut milk and flakes

7. Coconut bread & snacks like donut, energy balls (puff puff), burns,this can be done using coconut milk or flakes.

8. Coconut Pancakes: by using the milk & even flakes.

Coconut be milk be can extracted by using a strong blender to blend the coconut after cutting it in bits, after its blended it can sieved, if it’s not a juice extractor been used.


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