Benefits Of Drinking Chai Tea

Drinking Chai tea with milk in earthen cups in India
Drinking Chai Teav

Drinking Chai tea has its benefits and I wrote these benefits of chai tea without milk in the tea or recipe, although one can still get these benefits even from chai tea latte or chai tea with milk but not as getting these benefits in maximum degree without milk in it. To also read the article I wrote about chai tea recipe, origin and all about Chai tea, click on chai tea recipe link word Chai Tea Recipe

Drinking Chai tea with milk in earthen cups in India
Drinking Chai Tea

     The Benefits Of Drinking Chai Tea

  1. Respiratory health and Cold Flu: some of the species used in making chai tea are very peppery and hot spices like ginger and clove, which really helps in boosting respiratory health, clearing the lungs and airways particularly when one has cold flu. Taking warm or peppery spices is always good when one is down with cold flu, one of the ways to do that is drinking chai tea.
  2. Black tea is very good digestion, even without a chai tea recipe or adding spices to black tea, but with the addition of cardamom and ginger particularly, it makes chai tea extremely good for digestion
  3. Chai tea helps with heart health and better circulatory system.
  4. Chai tea is a highly carminative because of the carminative spices in making chai tea; cardamom, nutmeg, and clove.
  5. Chai tea will make you feel good emotionally and mentally because it is a feel good tea brew. Chai tea with or without milk is a great mood booster.

In my tea book “Understanding Tea”, I wrote extensively on the many benefits of black tea and the other types of tea. My tea book is also available on Amazon kindle, this is the direct purchase link UNDERSTANDING TEA


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