Puff Puff Recipe And Making Puff Puff

Puff Puff Recipe
Puff Puff Recipe

I grew up eating puff puff and having it been made in almost any environment I stayed in from childhood to adulthood because it is a popular street snack in Nigeria, I am sure this is the same story for a lot of Nigerians and some countries in West Africa particularly Ghana and Sierra Leone because it is like a West African snack that is served in almost any occasion; birthdays, burials, thanksgiving, hang outs ,family or friends get together and even wedding which is sometimes added to small chops.

Puff puff recipe is so easy simple and making it is so easy, that it took me years to realise not everyone knows how to make puff puff or have success making a perfect puff puff, which can be attributed to the kind of puff puff recipe been followed or the making process.

Puff puff loves to be deep fried. Enough oil needs to be in the pan or pot for it to fry properly, this is so that it can rise in the oil and be well rounded in shape. If little oil or not enough oil is used, it will soak up oil, it might not give a fluffy roundish ball like shape puff puff is known for, one might end up getting an akara like type of puff puff.

Puff puff likes to be fried in a very hot oil not extremely hot oil though or oil that is getting to be hot or oil that is not hot.
Puff puff can take a little bit of crowd but it should not be too crowded in the hot oil, so the puff puff can have a chance to rise and flip over.

Honestly I prefer not enough yeast in the puff puff dough to too much yeast been added.

The myth that making puff puff requires hot or warm water for the dough is false, one can not only use hot or warm water for making the puff puff dough, for years I have been using room temperature or lukewarm water and I have been making the best puff puff especially when I was still into confectionery & catering. As a beginner in making puff puff or when one just starts making puff puff, I think it is best to start with room temperature water, one can easily monitor and gauge the rise of the dough. Again, warm water tends to make the dough rise faster. Never let the puff puff dough rise more than 40 minutes, when one allows the dough to over rise,one might not get a fluffy rounded ball puff, it will give an irregular or flat shape.

Puff Puff Recipe
Puff Puff Recipe

Basic Puff Puff Recipe
1. 250gram of flour
2. 50 – 100 gram of sugar, quantity of sugar depends on how sweet ones wants the puff puff to be
3. 1 teaspoon of yeast
4. A pinch of salt

Making Puff Puff
1. Mix the flour, sugar, yeast and salt together in a bowl.

2. Pour in your water until the dough brings in all the ingredients together in a wet sticky form that is not too thick and not watery at all.

3. Set the puff puff dough aside, let it rise between 20 to 30 minutes.

4. Fry in a very hot oil.

5.  Remove from oil when it starts to get brown or when brown


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