10 Reasons To Eat Mangoes


This shouldn’t be part of the reason at all to eat mangoes because it is the ultimate 10 and even 50 reasons in itself to eat mangoes; mangos are very sweet, tasty, and juicy,one of the comforting food/fruit. These are other 10 reasons to eat Mangoes.

1. Mangoes are rich in Vitamin C; fruit high in vitamin C is good for skin health, boosting immune system. Vitamin C also helps with wounds & scar healing process.

2. Mangoes are rich in Vitamin A, which helps with eye health. Vitamin A also promotes the growth of cells & tissue in the body. Mangoes are highly recommended for children under the age of 5 years old.

Ripe Mangoes

3. Mangoes when eaten with the skin without juicing it or removing the skin to make smoothies are rich source of fibre.

4. Mango is a great fruit for sexual health & reproductive system in both male and female.

5. Mangoes contain protective antioxidant; mangoes are a good source of protective compounds like gallotannins and mangiferin. These protective antioxidant can also protect your cells against damage.

6. Mangoes improve heart health.

Fresh mango juice in the glass

7. Mango may also aid with preventing colon cancer.

8. Mangoes are very good for aiding better digestion & improving digestive health, which also includes improving bowel movement.

9. Mangoes are rich in Vitamin E which may help in protecting cell membrane against damage. It also helps with blood glucose control in both diabetic & health individual. Vitamin E is also good for immune system function,skin health & certain cancer prevention.

10. Mango is a rich source of yellow beta carotene. Most fruits that are usually yellow or orange in colour are good for skin health & glowing skin.


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