Get your snails,at least 12 pieces. Clean the shells of the snails thoroughly.
Break the shells off the bodies of the snails and remove the inedible part of the snails.

Throw some alums into a bowl of water and put your snails in the alum water for about 30 minutes or more.
After 30 minutes, drain the water from the snails,rinse or rather clean the snails as clean as you can.

Then put in another fresh water and alum in the bowl of snails,let it stay for 20-25 minutes.
In the period of that 20-25 minutes waiting time,bring to boil water in a kettle or pot.
Drain the alum water away from the snails,after you must have cleaned your snails with the alum water,then pour in your hot water in the bowl of snails and let it soak while you prepare your peppered sauce.

Ingredients for peppered snail sauce

Peppered sauce recipe
Onions, Bell pepper.
Chilli pepper, Salt.
Ginger and garlic seasoning.
Chicken seasoning, Oil.
Habanero pepper

Blend all your pepper,tomatoes and onions in a blender.
Heat up your oil in a pot,then fry your blended ingredients for some minutes,say about 10-15 minutes, then add your snails you must have drained from the hot water and let the sauce and snails cook together.
And you have your peppered snail sauce.

Peppered Snail sauce

Note: The tomatoes should not be more than the pepper or equal to the pepper,the tomatoes is just to give it a bit of thickness.


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