Scenery From Plateau State,Jos

Views from Plateau state

Plateau state is located almost at the centre of Nigeria,it is mostly classified as the middle belt of Nigeria and is very close to the capital city “Abuja”.

Plateau state also called “Jos” most times because that’s where the capital is located is a very hilly and rocky state with many streams. The state is one of the most beautiful state in Nigeria because of many rocks located in the state and tin mining sites, some of which have been abandoned and turned to a recreational and tourism sites.

Plateau state can be said to have the best weather because of the cold temperature almost all year round ,even in dry season,the temperature is usually below 9 degree that’s part of why people love to settle there, particularly the whites.

Views from Plateau state

Plateau state “Jos” is also known as the home of peace and tourism,and is also like the melting pot of Nigeria because different tribes from the county are settled. Jos did not used to be known for its tribal clash and unrest until recent times and we hope it turns back to what is truly is “home of peace and tourism”

Some scenery like sunsets and landscape of Plateau state will be viewed from the eyes of a photographer “kermdreams Abdulhakeen Abdulhakeen” who is also a lawyer and poet and lives in Jos. He could be reached on social media with his name.


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