Herbal Teas & It’s Benefits


Herbal teas are not real teas that are made from camellia sinensis but are still given the “Tea” tag nevertheless because over the years it also comes in tea bags & similar packagings to tea, which are either in loose leaf powder or teabags, in pouches, paper packs or nylon packs.

Herbal teas are also brewed or made similar to the real teas, although steeping time is not of great importance with herbal teas.

If one wants to give it another name without stealing the “Tea” tag,one can also call herbal teas “Herbal infusion” or “Tisane”.

Herbal teas are usually made from one of these or a combination of these;fruits,tree leaves,tree barks,herbs, spice,tree or plant roots.

Unlike real teas made from camellia sinensis,most herbal teas are free from caffeine.

Herbal teas should primarily be taken for it’s taste because there are lots of herbal teas that are tasteful,pleasant and aromatic. Herbal teas like chamomile, all type of mints, cinnamon, rooibos, lemongrass,ginger, hibiscus,fruity & citrus infused herbal teas.

A cup of herbal tea and herbal tea ingredients like Chamomile, Sage, Linden, Fennel , Melissa, Rose, Rosemary, Corn silk, anise, cinnamon, thyme, mint, ginger , dried orange slices and rosemary on wooden background.

Herbal teas are also a great alternative to taking soda and manufactured fruit juice.

Herbal teas are also easy to make or brew because it can either be brewed fresh or from already dried form. It can also be taken warm,cold or like ice tea.

Another reason to take herbal teas should be for the health benefits. Herbal teas improve general wellness & health, it can also aid with some particular health functions;

  • Herbal teas improve respiratory health.
    A warm or hot cup of herbal tea also helps during cold season by keeping your heart & body warm. It also helps with cold flu & fever. Herbal teas or herbal infused teas like ginger, lemon, lime, garlic, mint, & black pepper.
  • One’s digestive health will greatly benefit from herbal teas. Some great herbal teas that will help with digestive health includes fennel, ginger, lemon, peppermint, & star anise.
infusion of fennel seeds and star anise
  • In as much as our internal body is important,taking care of our skin which is the external body is very important too, one way to do that is by taking herbal teas that also benefits the skin like rooibos, lemongrass, citrus inspired or infused teas,lemongrass & spearmint.
  • Herbal teas help to speed up healing process from some sickness, wound or disease. They also help to strengthen the body after a sickness,disease or infection. Herbal teas like ginger, garlic,clove,turmeric , lemongrass & all kinds of mints.
A cup of lemon and mint herbal tea, with star anise, slices of ginger & lemon around it.
  • Herbal teas boost the immune system. When one immune system is strong, one would not get sick or infection easily, even when one does,one’s immune system will be strong to fight against it.
  • Herbal teas help one cope with general stress of life. Having a warm cup of tea after a working day or after a traumatic event,is sure to relieve a bit of stress & calm one down. Herbal teas like lemon balm, chamomile, lavender,sage & any herbal infusion with lemon.
  • Herbal teas are also a natural approach to body pain, headache & migraines without the side effects that comes with taking pain killer drugs.
    Herbal teas also slow the process of aging & appearance of aging.
A herbal tea cup with herbal teas ingredients like Purple tea, Rose , Anise, Melissa, Rosemary, red peppercorns and Rosemary close to it.

It is important to note that some of these benefits can’t be fully immersed without the right diet & lifestyle. Of course herbal teas will still help but the impact will be significantly reduced if one doesn’t eat right & well & also maintain a healthy lifestyle. For example,I have sweet tooth and love junk food,herbal teas helps to balance my weight & blood sugar. I would be the perfect weight size for my height (BMI),if I wasn’t consuming junks as I should but I am not yet over weight ,yes I know I should reduce my junk.
Before I started taking herbal teas like I do now, I used to suffer a lot from constipation because of the ingredients junk contain which is a lot of flour, now I have a good metabolism system despite that.

Also it is important to go to the hospital sometimes to understand why you have a particular issue or experiencing a particular health issue that should be worked on, then herbal teas might aid to recover better.


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