My 9 Favorite Body Oil

Body oils

I have been using body oils for many years now, so I am not exaggerating when I say I have used over 30 different types of essential oils & these 9 happen to be my all time favorites.

I am more of team body oil than body cream because of the natural smoothness of oils,the fragrance, & most importantly I know what I am applying on my body because most body oils are plant based & the ingredients are simple & as it is. For example, coconut oil is coconut oil, sage oil is sage oil, jasmine oil is jasmine oil, & if a body oil has combination of two or more oil,most times it is usually stated,if a body oil has a carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil,it should be stated. Be careful of body oil where the ingredients are not stated.

Body oils

I have had acne breakouts, allergies, & skin complexion have also darken for various reasons all the years at different times & my favorite body oils have been among the oils that have come to my rescue.

For every day skin care routine,my favorite body oils are important and these are my top 10 favorite body body oil;

1.coconut oil

2. Sweet almond oil

3.  Orange oil

4. Sage oil

5. Argan oil

6. Avocado oil

7. Jasmine oil

8. Frankincense oil

9. Apple oil

Different types of body oil
  • Looking for a body that not only acts as skin care but has a natural lasting fragrance that makes one scent good,then you have, apple, jasmine,orange &  frankincense to thank.  If you don’t want to scent rich or like human box of money,then don’t ever use frankincense oil.
  • If you want a body oil that invokes happy feelings & makes one feel good,then that should be orange, apple, or jasmine oil.
  • Argan, coconut, almond & jasmine oil naturally lighten and brighten one’s complexion or just helps to maintain your complexion if it is good as it is.  Argan also greatly helps with sun burn or burnt skin
  • For tightening the skin collagen & giving the face a youthful look,argan and avocado oil are great.
  • For a peaceful and restful mind especially at night, one could try jasmine,sage & frankincense oil.
  • Oils that have been greatly helpful with pimples,acne, allergies, skin scar,wounds/cuts; sage, argan, & coconut oil.
Body oils

All my favorite body oils helps in promoting a better,healthier & smoother skin, so it doesn’t really matter which you use.

When using, interchanging oils or combining body oils,pay attention for any reaction or how your body responds to it because we all have different body types make up & different diet.

My write up is based on my own personal practical experience,feelings, and outcome from my many years of using each different types of oil.


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