My Apple Mint Gardening Magic!

A pot of apple mint

My Apple mint gardening magic story is a story of perseverance, plant love & wonder.

My first pot of apple mint

I planted apple mint seeds in February,I tried everything possible to make it grow,I also planted the seeds in different places & containers to see what works,nothing. In September I gave up,I planted red basil in one of the the places I planted apple mint seed, guess what?

A pot of apple mint

After 6 months, the apple mint germinated & started growing with the red basil, in October I transplanted the apple mint & this me saying the apple mint is growing perfectly fine, I made a cup of tea of apple mint this morning & oh gosh,heavenly!

Two pots of apple mint growing

In December, 2022,I successfully propagated my Apple mint, now I have five individual apple mint plant plants growing perfectly well.


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