Difference Between Butter & Margarine


Is there any difference between Butter & margarine? The major differences between Butter & margarine is the taste, texture, nutrition, & what it is processed from to give you either butter or margarine.

Butter is made from animal milk or cream,which is mostly cow milk, although it can be from any animal that you can get substantial amount of milk from, like sheep & goat. The animal milk is processed into butter through churning which separates the butter fat from butter milk,which can used or eaten in it’s raw form or could go through further processing known as pasteurization.

butter on white plate and on a table

Margarine is made from plant based oils that goes through process of hydrogenation & solidification.

Butter has a more creamy texture & taste while margarine tends to be more oily, the taste of margarine also depends on the plant the oil is gotten from or the processing it goes through, some margarine tend to be more tasteful & flavorful than butter. Either can be used for cooking or baking depending on the recipe,food & method of cooking or baking.

Margarine is easier to use when baking or cooking. Margarine mostly has a deep rich yellow colour which makes food or snack more appetizing, while butter tends to have pale yellow or mostly cream colour.

Margarine Spread

Butter can be used for almost everything that requires baking while one has to consider which oil the margarine is made from to determine the snacks or cake to bake.

Although butter gives a snack or cake a creamier feel, margarine gives a softer texture but one has to be careful exposing margarine made cake or snacks because it can dry out fast.

Butter, margarine and vegetable oil

The nutritional value of butter & margarine differ & usage of either also depends on the health issue one is dealing with, & the health benefits one seeks to get.

The nutritional value of butter also depends on if the animal is grass grown or grain fed,if it’s eaten in it’s raw state after the butter fat has been separated from butter milk or it went through more processing like pasteurization.

The health benefits of margarine also depends on the oil used,the processing of the margarine & chemical added or not.


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