Tea And Chocolates

Tea with dark chocolate bar and fresh orange fruit
Tea and chocolate! Have you ever tried eating chocolate while sipping a cup of steaming tea like I like to do sometimes?
Believe me,the combination of Tea and chocolate is one thing your taste bud will thank you for,especially if its a really nice chocolate or dark chocolate.
Tea and chocolates in plate
Dark chocolates go perfectly with a fully bodied tea, high flavored tea or a very strong herbal infusion. Fully bodied teas like Assam tea, Ceylon tea,oolong teas, high flavored teas like earl grey tea, mint or lemon/citrus flavored tea.
Tea with dark chocolate bar and fresh orange fruit
While milk chocolate & flavored chocolates would be enjoyed better with light teas & light flavored herbal infusion like white tea,Darjeeling tea,green tea & rooibos tea.
Tea and chocolates
The heat from a cup of tea would also melt any chocolate faster particularly dark chocolates which creates more burst of flavor from both the tea and chocolate,this also creates more blend of flavor from both tea and chocolates. You taste the flavor of the chocolate & tea better too.
I would also advise to try out different chocolates with different teas, see what teas pair better with different chocolates,it is also an enjoyable fun thing to do,you get to see what which tea and chocolate pairing your taste bud prefers.
Aside from Tea,I am also a chocolate freak but Tea takes more of the love.


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