15 Types Of Cake You Should Know


There are many various types of cake and what makes themĀ  unique or different but you should know these fifteen types of cake at the very least.

1. Black Forest Cake.

2. Carrot Cake.

3. Coconut Cake.

4. Coffee Cake.

5. Strawberry Cake.

6.Chocolate Cake.

7. Red velvet Cake.

8. Genoise Cake.

9. Banana Cake.

10. Fruit Cake.

11. Sponge Cake.

13. Marble Cake.

14. Schertorte Cake.

15. Pavlova Cake.

To read previous article on the five most important types of cake out of this list of fifteen types of cake, click on this link, https://sophyfoodblog.com/five-most-important-types-of-cake


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