19 Nigeria Street Food

Chin Chin

Nigeria is a country where one should never get hungry or ever get tired of food because there is always something to eat at one corner or the other, and because we have so many varieties of food and street food is not left out.

These are seventeen street food out of the many street street food in Nigeria;

1. Puff Puff (Energy balls)

Puff Puff (Energy balls)

2. Buns

3. Wara (fresh or fried cheese)

4. Chin Chin

Chin Chin

5. Suya


6. Kuli Kuli

7. Kilishi

8. Roasted/Boiled Corn; this is usually eaten with coconut or roasted pear.

9. Coconut Flakes Balls

10. Fura Di Nunu

Fura Di Nunu

11.  Corn Sticks

12. Fried Peppered Meat/Ponmo

Peppered Ponmo

13. Abacha

14. Boli (roasted plantain)

Roasted Boli (Plantain)

15. Akara

16. Moin Moin

17. Roasted Yam

18. Groundnut

19. Sugarcane































































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