Bitter Leaf Wonder


Have you ever wondered how most things that are bitter to the taste bud are actually wonders to the stomach and body in general? That’s the story of Bitter leaf herb.

I have always known about the wonders of bitter leaf since I was a kid because I had an aunt who made us drink bitter leaf extracted  water almost every weekend.

Benefit of bitter leaf or bitter leaf water extract;

1. It  detoxifies the whole body.

2. It helps with anything related to the divisive system; stomach ache ,pile and indigestion .
It flushes the stomach from toxins and dirt.

3. Bitter leaf also serve as an immune booster especially when combined with ginger,tumeric, garlic and scent leaf. This combination also helps with malaria.

4. This wonder drink also help with malaria and fever symptoms.

5. It is also said that bitter leaf water controls the synthesis of female sec hormones which makes women to stay more healthy, thus might be due to the presence of B-caratone nutrients in bitter leaf water.

6. It is also good with lowing blood sugar level. One can drink it daily for a certain period of days to drastically lower high blood sugar level.

7. Bitter leaf extracted juice could also serve as a good rinse and juice for the face or skin to make it look. It  eliminates eczema,it helps with acne, it makes dark spot fade and make the skin glow when it is taken regularly.

8. Yes, it also has a way of relieving fatigue.

9. Bitter leaf juice is good for women  breastfeeding because it increases milk production.

It is advisable not to use bitter leaf water during pregnancy or if one is trying to get pregnant because of how strong and potent it is in cleansing the system.

Bitter leaf can also be used for abortion especially in the first two months of pregnancy.

Some people usually wash out all the bitterness before they take it. It is so very wrong because you must have washed most of the benefits away and thereby only leaving traces of the benefits.

It is recommended to take bitter leaf water after first wash,the most have second wash.

It is also highly recommended to take bitter leaf juice first thing in the morning before eating in the morning and before going to bed although it can still be taken anytime of the day,regardless of what you eat or not,its  potent still remains and will still give you a lot of benefits,just that it is very effective when taken without food in the morning.

Bitter leaf can be combined with scent leaf to serve as tonic. Bitter leaf water van also be combined with ginger or tumeric or garlic. It can also be combined with everything mentioned at once.

To reduce the bitter taste of bitter leaf juice or extract or to make bearable,I add salt to the water I use in washing the leafs and sometimes add a little salt afterwards.

If you can not still drink and you want to use it for skin care, you can squeeze the juice out of the leaf without adding water and rub on your skin for 30mins before bathing.


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