Chocolate! The new sunscreen?


Is chocolate the new sunscreen?

With each increasing day, the buzz around sun protection keeps increasing because the cosmetics production industry keep evolving with several products coupled with numerous environmental factors.

One of such latest developments is the chocolate’s ability to protect the skin from the sun.


Chocolate, especially dark chocolate with high cocoa content (that very bitter version) is rich in antioxidants.

 Antioxidant help with skin cell repair from sun damage as well as sun protection.

A research which was recently put together revealed that people who consumed 20g of chocolate daily (half a bar) were able to withstand the rays of the sun for a long period without damaging the skin.

Dark chocolate bar
Dark chocolate bar

Do we trash our sunscreen and go chocolate shopping?ūüĎ≤

Well, Nothing can replace sunscreen/sunblock however, we can include foods rich in antioxidants (Chocolate) in our diet to further reinforce the level of our protection as well as promote young, supple, healthy skin.

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Article written by Debbie Ibiyemi Debbie. Ibiyemi is the founder of skin business school ng. A platform that offers intensive training in skincare and other apsects of the beauty industry

she also runs a facebook community called skin business bootcamp where people come together to gain insight into the business of skincare as well as how to maintain a balanced regimen for their skin type

She is a licenced esthetician and beauty therapist with years of experience treating the African skin
Her Facebook handle: Debbie  Ibiyemi


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