Cocoa & Dark Chocolate Benefits

Hot chocolate drink sprinkled with cocoa powder on top it, & bars of chocolate around it

Dark Chocolate is usually 50 to 90 percent cocoa solids, cocoa butter and sugar. The best of dark chocolate starts from 70 percent cocoa solids, which contains less sugar and more cocoa solid/powder, the higher the percentage of dark chocolate, the more less sugar it has, honestly the darker the better for me. Dark Chocolate shouldn’t contain milk like milk chocolate which is anything from 50 percent to less,  but there could be traces of milk if the same equipment for processing milk chocolate is used for dark chocolate. While cocoa powder is chocolate in the most natural and purest form because it is only cocoa beans that has gone through fermentation,the cocoa butter and liquid has been removed,leaving only cocoa powder.

Cocoa beans, cocoa powder & dark chocolate bars on a wooden table

We would only be talking about the benefits of dark Chocolate and cocoa powder because that’s the real chocolate, so anytime chocolate is mentioned in this post, it is definitely about pure cocoa and dark chocolate.

  • Chocolate is the ultimate comfort and feel good food especially in time of stress, traumatic events,when one is feeling hopeless and helpless. The feel good feelings that come with eating chocolate also helps one to deal with depression, one of the reason is because of endorphins our brain releases when we eat chocolate. It not only enhances mood, it may also induce a romantic atmosphere especially when one is with a lover.
  • Cocoa powder is packed with healthy minerals such as potassium, zinc, copper, magnesium,& iron,most of these nutrients are not lost on dark Chocolate although the darker the chocolate with less sugar ,the more nutrients & potency of the nutrients.
Cup of hot cocoa drink, dark chocolate bar and a pile of cocoa powder.
  • Chocolate may assist with weight loss and weight control. Although we all have different body types and make, so our experiences might be the same or differ,from my own personal experience, cocoa powder has helped me with weight loss for the times I drank it consistently for that purpose, especially when it’s a month duration or over. On those period, in the morning hot cocoa drink is the first thing I have before any other meal,I usually notice after my drink I have less craving for food and I feel fuller.
Dark Chocolate
  • Dark chocolate and cocoa powder are one of the foods with the highest amount of flavonols which is one of the antioxidants; antioxidant help fight free radicals in the cells and prevent the growth of some disease. Flavonols found in chocolate also promotes anti viral, & anti cancer health.
  • Flavonols in chocolate help in protecting the skin against sun damage & help slow the process of aging on the skin. You can read an article on my blog about chocolate and how it’s promotes skin health by clicking on this link
  • Chocolate helps with lowing blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels & improving blood flow. Chocolate also helps to calm one down and give a feeling of peace.
  • Chocolate might assist in improving one’s heart health.

These are just some of the benefits of cocoa and dark chocolates, so indulge yourself with a cup of cocoa drink or dark chocolate.

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