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Tasty unripe plantain porridge

Tasty unripe plantain porridge



Unripe plantain
Palm oil
Sliced ugu leafs
Habanero pepper
Grounded crayfish
Smoked fish
Tumeric powder
Bell pepper


1. Ground your bell pepper,tomatoes, onions,ginger and Habanero pepper to a paste or you can decide to make it not too smooth like I did.
2. Ground your crayfish
3. Cut your unripe plantain into small parts and clean with water.
4. Wash your sliced ugu leafs throughly
5. Heat up your palm oil, add your grounded bell pepper, onions,tomatoes,  Habanero pepper and ginger to the heated palm oil, let it fry a bit.
6. Add in your smoked fish that you most have cleaned.
7. Add in some water enough to cook your plantain.
8. Let the water and ingredients come to a boil for while.
9. Add in your grounded crayfish and unripe plantain pieces.
10. Take out some unripe plantain from the pot and pound in a small local mortal or a plate. Add pounded unripe plantain back to the pot. (This is usually done to make the porridge come out thicker).
11. Add in your salt, tumeric, and seasoning
12. Add in your sliced ugu leafs.

Note: Just one or three tomatoes is needed for this, the habanero pepper should be more. And just one large size or two medium size of bell pepper is enough. Bell pepper is added to make it more tasteful. Tomatoes is added to make the paste thicker as well because most recipes do not include bell pepper and tomatoes.
You can also dice your onions instead of grinding it to a paste if you want. And I usually like to use white onions to cook porridges instead because it is one of the sweetest type of onions.


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