Some people most times get red velvet cake mixed up because they assume red velvet cake is just a red coloured cake but truly it takes more than red colouring to make the cake that now almost signifies love all over the world and mostly baked on Valentine’s day, “Cake of love”.

Love is sweet, love gives us a velvet feeling  (soft), the part of our body where we feel love is the heart hence love is red. Love turns one to a demi/semi god in the eyes of one’s lover,hence Red velvet personifies love and the act of love.

A classic red velvet is moist,as a subtle chocolate taste in it and is slightly sweet. It also subtle blend of chocolate cake and milk cake with a beautiful red colour.

Red velvet cup cakes with butter cream design toppings

Original red velvet cake got its red colouring naturally without the aid of any artificial colour agent. The earliest cocoa/chocolate did not pass through the Dutch processing which involved treating cocoa with an alkalizing agent to modify it’s colour and give it a milder taste, thereby drastically reducing the red anthocyanin in cocoa.
To get a red velvet cake way back then, the reaction of acidic vinegar and buttermilk with cocoa gave it’s red colour, made the cake moist and fluffy. To still get this natural colouring, one can use a non dutched  cocoa or a cocoa that passed through broma processing.

The first creation of red velvet was in 18th century, and the original recipe was created by the famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City,United States, it was first named the “confection Waldorf-Astoria cake” .

During World War 2, bakers used beet juice to enhance the colour of their cakes,hence some bakers started using beet juice as a added ingredient to their red velvet cakes.

Celebrate yourself and treat yourself with the cake of love or celebrate your lover this season of love.


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