Bread History

The history of some countries, evolution & civilization of man would not be complete without mentioning bread or talking about bread history. Almost 60% of...

Yellow Watermelons

Yellow watermelons? It has to be photo shopped or picture editing. Oh,no,it is not, it is real as real. Maybe it is genetically engineered?...
A little view of the 106 fruit cake

A 106 Years Old Fruit Cake! Yes.

 Fruitcake is that exquisite cake used mostly for special event like  weddings, anniversaries, Christmas or to celebrate something awesome. Some of us do not...

Cake Of Love

Some people, most times get red velvet cake wrong because they assume red velvet cake is just a red coloured cake but truly it...

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Coleslaw History & Recipe

The first original coleslaw consisted of only shredded cabbage and carrots. It was eaten without any cream or dressing but as the dish progressed...

Cocoa & Dark Chocolate Benefits

Dark Chocolate is usually 50 to 90 percent cocoa solids, cocoa butter and sugar. The best of dark chocolate starts from 70 percent cocoa...

Chocolate & It’s History

Chocolate is made from cocoa beans found within the pods like fruit from the cacao tree. Cocoa/cacao tree is native to Central & South...
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